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Blanc Chyna Giving Birth In Same $4k A Day Cedar-Sinai Hospital Maternity Suite as Kim Kardashian

Blanc Chyna Giving Birth In  Same $4k A Day Cedar-Sinai Hospital Maternity Suite as Kim Kardashian

Blac Chyna is set to give birth next week at the famous Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Chyna, 28, will be delivering her first child with Rob Kardashian, 29, in the same lavish maternity suite as her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kim Kardashian. According to TMZ, Chyna will be giving birth via a C-section. The terms “Celebrity babies” and “Cedars” have become synonymous with the famous hospital. Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, and Pink have all delivered babies at the hospital in the past couple of years, according to The Hollywood ReporterTMZ was told Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dropped $4,000 a night to deliver their son Saint West.

TMZ reported the maternity suites have an extravagant set up with three beds, two bathrooms, and a nice lounge area. Rob’s oldest sister Kourtney Kardashian also gave birth to her children at Cedars-Sinai hospital.
When Kim Kardashian, 36, gave birth to her second child with rapper Kanye at Cedars in December 2015, she had a long and painful labor due to placenta accretaTMZ claims the reality star had a serious pregnancy condition in which the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall, which resulted in heavy blood loss after delivery.
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Cedars-Sinai hospital has delivered more than 7,000 babies and performed nearly 100 heart transplants in the past 12 months, according to a 2012 article in The Hollywood Reporter. There is no special celebrity wing or obvious extra security at the hospital. Celebs with big entourages simply prefer a three-bedroom, two-bath unit at Cedars. However, it’s important to remember these suites cannot be guaranteed.
The Hollywood Reporter said the stars prefer those with doors marked 3127 and 3129. These rooms have nice hardwood floors and round-the-clock doulas. They are not cheap, they cost $3,784 a day

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One talent publicist told The Hollywood Reporter whenever a celeb name is expected to arrive, reporters usually park where the doctors do and come in via a back entrance.
Cedars-Sinai’s rival is Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, where Suri Cruise was born. Cedars is heavy with celebrity reporters on back-to-back shifts to be the first to break the birth scoop, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
“If people go into labor right before you do, you’re s—t out of luck.”
One tabloid veteran told The Hollywood Reporter celebrities are easy to spot because they huddle at the hospital’s Starbucks.
“We’ll spot members of a star’s entourage grabbing a latte. That’s often the giveaway.”
Leslie Siebert, who is active with Cedars’ Women’s Guild, told The Hollywood Reporter how important Cedars-Sinai is to her family.
“I know the facility very well as a user. Every medical emergency has been there, those breaks and those sprains. My in-laws passed away there; my children were born there. It’s defined my life in an essential way, as it has for so many people in our industry.”
While Blac Chyna and Rob wait for the arrival of the newest Kardashian baby, they added another member to the family, the Daily Mail reported.
On Saturday, Chyna surprised her Snapchat followers by bringing home a new puppy. Chyna was surprised to find out the puppy was not male. According to the Daily Mail, earlier Snapchat videos indicated that she and her friend Paige both decided to adopt new dogs.
Blac Chyna is the mother of King Cairo, her son with ex Tyga. The women take the dogs to the vet for shots.
“Okay, so, we are at the vet, getting our puppies shots, and guess what, you guys?… it’s not two boys, but it’s two girls.”

Wendy Williams Blasts Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian

Wendy Williams spent nearly five minutes of her 22-minute show stating some controversial opinions on Blac Chyna and Rob behind a screen that read “Birthing For Dollars,” according to People. Wendy unabashedly accused Chyna of being with the outcasted Kardashian for money, People reported.
“I really do love Rob and for those of us who’ve been there since the beginning, when Rob was thin, when Rob was smarter… When Rob had more confidence, when Rob was dating Adrienne Bailon and he just seemed to be a different kind of guy.”
Wendy then talks about Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni and said Blac Chyna was not attracted to Rob.
“It’s very fun to watch [Chyna] and her mom, Tokyo Toni, come up off of the backs of people who don’t see through their ruse… Oh puh-lease. And it’s not even about Rob being overweight … It’s about Rob’s lack of confidence. A woman likes a man to take control.”
Blac Chyna was outraged and held nothing back on the talk show host when she responded via Instagram
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